Phone and Tablet Holder

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$36.60 inc GST

This 2 in 1 Foldable Universal Cell Phone and Apple Watch Stand is your perfect solution if you want to put your cell phone and iwatch at one holder. Its foldable design makes you easily to carry around. You can make your device at optimal viewing position with angle adjustment function. The aluminum alloy construction [...]

$23.18 inc GST

The PHS05-2 stand holder is a hand free tool. It accommodates your device with solid support and brings convenience to your life. The desktop holder stand allows you to customize the angle of your device to find the optimal viewing position. Geometric structure provides firm and steady support. Non-slip silicone pads design assure your phone [...]

$19.52 inc GST

The TBS01-1 Height-Adjustable Tabletop Stand holds a phone or tablet for a truly hands-free experience. The ball joint design provides full rotation and tilt for perfect viewing angles, including portrait or landscape orientation. The holder’s ample width adjustment allows the TBS01-1 to be compatible with most phones or tablets. A handy manual lock and release [...]

$40.26 inc GST

OtterBox Unlimited Series Table Stand – Dark Gray Setup your workspace anywhere. Table Stand for Unlimited Series holds your tablet right where you are, wherever that is. Adjust the arms to hold your tablet at the perfect angle to type onscreen and get all your assignments done on time or beat your daily spreadsheet report [...]